Pay close attention to peanut root rot


In recent days, many farmers have taken peanut leaves to the market to ask what is going on. On the surface, the leaves are yellow, and some farmers think that it is lack of nutrition. In fact, it is mainly root rot. Frequent rains caused some time ago, causing moisture in the ground, poor soil permeability, rooting, and rot. As a result, the roots did not absorb nutrients and the leaves turned yellow. If left untreated, the yield would be greatly affected. The symptoms, causes, and prevention and control methods of peanut root rot are summarized as follows:

First, symptoms of root rot commonly known as "rat tail", rot. Each growth period can be disease. Infected just germinated seeds, causing bad species: seedlings were injured, the main root became brown, and the plants withered. In adult plants, the main root rhizomes were sulky and brownish-spotted. The roots were wet and rot. The cortex was brownish and rot, easily detached and detached. There were no lateral roots or very few, and they resembled rat tails. Roots of adventitious roots when wet. The upper part of the diseased plant is short, poorly growing, the leaves turn yellow, and the flowering results are few and mostly fruiting.

Second, the route of transmission and disease conditions The bacteria in the soil, sickness and seeds overwintering, becoming the second year of the source of infection. The pathogens mainly spread through rainwater and agricultural operations and directly invade from wounds or epidermis, and the diseased plants produce conidia for reinfection. Seedlings are often overcast and heavy with heavy humidity. Even for the field, soil shallow, sandy land easy to disease.

Third, control methods

1. Implement rotation. Mild field rounds for 3 to 5 years.

2. Deeply plough the soil, increase organic fertilizers, rational irrigation and drainage, and enhance disease resistance.

3. Seed dressing with 50% carbendazim WP before sowing. Can effectively reduce the incidence.

4. Chemical control: can be used Enschede mildew 1000 times with foliar fertilizer or with 80% of Bicillin 1000 times with foliar spray spraying to control the spread of the disease.

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