Yam breeding method


常用 There are 3 methods commonly used to produce yam:
1. “Yam sorghum plant” breeding According to the apical dominance, cut one end of the yam tuber close to the stem, 30cm long, weighs 100-150 g, with a bud at the top, called “yam planted” to reproduce, the seedling is quicker, generally more than yam Early emergence of 20 days.
2. "Yam yam dumplings" Propagate and cut the tuber on the superior side into several sections, each 30cm long and 150 to 200g in weight for propagation material. Since water yam does not contain yam beans, the area needed to be expanded can only be reproduced by this method. The material is commonly known as "Damony".
3. Yam bean breeding is usually produced in the production of the "yam Bean" collected in the previous year sown in the field, the production of the hill drug for the next year's breeding materials, commonly known as "yam planting." This method has expanded the area rapidly, with high output and good quality. Yam high yield cultivation techniques
Planting plots should avoid heavy rakes, dry terrain, convenient drainage and irrigation, deep soil layers, and sandy loam with loose and fertile soils. According to the groove distance of 1m, the depth of the groove is 1m, and the width of the groove is 25cm; the water yam requires a depth of 1.4m. In mid-March, the selected “Yam pods” will be dried in the sun for about 5 days, and the yam will be dried for 10 to 15 days, resulting in dry cracks, gray skin, and green marks. Then use 40% carbendazim 300 times soaking 15min, if the nematode worm disease should be used ahead of time with 40% methyl isophosulfate 500 times or carbofuran 100 times soaked for 48h, dried and put into the shed to germination, to bud more than 90% You can sow. When sowing, the 5cm soil temperature is required to be stable at more than 10°C. The sowing method is to swing the planter into a ditch with the buds upward in the same direction. The plant spacing is 15~20cm, the covering soil is 10cm, the ridge is cultivated, and the ridge height is about 15cm. Step on solids to avoid collapse.
Generally before emergence, 5000 kg of high-quality organic fertilizer is applied per mu, 50 kg of diammonium phosphate, 30 kg of urea and 20 kg of potassium sulfate are used as base fertilizer. Spread 2/3 of it evenly into the ridge and plunge it 30cm deep. Spread the rest on the surface. After the emergence of the seedlings, the fine soil mixed with soil and fertilizer is placed on both sides of the yam ridge. When the seedlings are repelled, the seedlings can be used for 1 time to raise the seedlings, and 15 kg of urea is applied per acre. Tuber enlargement period in June, followed by 1 fat. In early August, according to the growing trend of pest control, 1% urea and 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate are used for foliar application. Once in 10 days, they are sprayed 3 to 4 times.
Yams are generally not watered to promote downward growth of tubers. After the beginning of autumn, to make the yam grow thick, it can be poured once. Only one seedling is planted in a plant. If there are several seedlings, a robust vine should be selected when it grows 7-8 cm, and the rest will be removed. When the height of vines is 30cm, they should be framed in a timely manner and the height should be 1.5m so as to allow air and light to pass through. When yam beans are generated, they should be wiped off as early as possible if they are not used.

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