Pump no water causes analysis


Inlet and pump body air

(1) The water pump is not filled with enough water before it starts. Sometimes it appears that the water has overflowed from the bleed hole, but the air is not completely turned off by turning the pump shaft, so that a little air remains in the inlet pipe or the pump body.

(2) In the horizontal section of the inlet pipe in contact with the water pump, a gradient of 0.5% or more is applied in the direction opposite to the flow direction, and the end of the inlet pump connected to the pump is the highest, not completely horizontal. If it is lifted upwards, air will remain in the inlet pipe, which will reduce the degree of vacuum in the pipes and the water pump, affecting water absorption.

(3) The packing material of the pump has been worn out for a long time or the packing material is too loose, causing a large amount of water to be ejected from the gap between the packing and the shaft sleeve of the pump shaft. As a result, external air enters the interior of the pump from these clearances. Affected the lifting of water.

(4) The water inlet pipe has holes due to long-term potential underwater and corrosion of the pipe wall. After the water pump works, the water surface continues to drop. When these holes are exposed to the water surface, air enters the inlet pipe from the hole.

(5) There is a crack in the elbow at the inlet pipe, and there is a slight gap between the inlet pipe and the water pump, which may cause air to enter the inlet pipe.

Pump speed is too low

(1) Human factors. Some users were arbitrarily coupled with another motor due to the damage of the original motor, resulting in the consequences of small flow, low head, and no watering.

(2) The mechanical failure of the pump itself. The loosening of the impeller or the pump shaft fastening nut or the deformation and bending of the pump shaft causes the impeller to move more, directly rubbing against the pump body, or bearing damage, which may reduce the pump speed.

(3) Power machine maintenance is not working. The motor is lost due to the windings burned out, and the number of windings, wire diameters, and wiring methods in the maintenance, or failures in the maintenance that are not completely eliminated will also cause the pump speed to change.

Suction lift is too large

Some of the water sources are deeper, and some of the water sources have flatter peripheral areas, and the pump's allowable suction range is neglected. As a result, there is little or no water absorption. To know that the degree of vacuum that can be established at the suction port of the pump is limited, the absolute vacuum suction is approximately 10 meters of water column height, and the pump cannot establish an absolute vacuum. Moreover, if the vacuum degree is too large, the water in the pump is easily vaporized, which is unfavorable to the work of the water pump. Therefore, each centrifugal pump has its maximum allowable suction range, generally between 3-8.5 meters. The installation of the pump must not be simple and convenient.

Water flow in and out of the water pipe is too large loss of resistance

Some users have measured, although the vertical distance from the reservoir or water tower to the source water surface is also slightly less than the pump lift, but the amount of water is still small or can not mention the water. The reason is often that the pipeline is too long, the water pipe bends too much, and the resistance loss of the water flow in the pipeline is too large. The reason is often that the pipeline is too long, the water pipe bends too much, and the resistance loss of the water flow in the pipeline is too large. In general, a 90-degree elbow has a greater resistance than a 120-degree elbow.

The wushan chicken is also known as the Gallus domesticus, which is a kind of omnivorous domestic bird. It comes from wushan in taihe county, jiangxi province, China. There, it has been raised for more than 2,000 years. The United States called it a smooth, low - footed chicken with a short, small head and a short neck. After evolution and reproduction, it is now found in many countries.

Not only are their beaks, eyes and feet black, but their skin, muscles, bones and most of their guts are also black. In terms of nutritional value, wuji is far more nutritious than ordinary chicken, and its taste is very tender. As for medicinal and food therapy, it is not comparable to ordinary chicken, which is called "precious food therapy".

The chicken is rich in protein, which has more protein content than duck or goose. The black bone chicken also contains rich melanin, after taking medicine, can act to make human body red blood ball and haemoglobin proliferative effect. Therefore, since ancient times, wuji has been considered to be a tonic.

Chicken containing melanin, protein, B vitamins and other 18 kinds of amino acids and 18 kinds of trace elements, including niacin, vitamin E, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium were higher than ordinary chicken, cholesterol and fat content is low, the chicken serum total protein and the protein content of ball were significantly higher than ordinary chicken, chicken meat contains amino acid is higher than ordinary chicken, and iron element is higher than ordinary chicken very much, also is the tonic high nutritional value.

Ossian chicken, taste, taste; It has the function of nourishing Yin, nourishing the kidney and invigorating the spleen. Edible wu chicken, can improve physiology function, delay old age, strong muscle is healthy bone, to prevent and cure osteoporosis, rickets, women iron deficiency anaemia and so on have obvious effect.It is used for food therapy, with silver ear, black fungus, poria, yam, red date, cordyceps, lotus seed, tianma, foxnut, glutinous rice or wolfberry.

Black Boned Chicken

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