How Boer goats are good


1. The construction of pollution-free ranch pastures should be built in areas where there are no sources of pollution and the environmental indices such as air, soil and water sources all meet the standards. The farm (household) should have a quiet environment, complete disinfection equipment, strict disinfection system, tight control of stocking, proper temperature and humidity in the sheep house, good ventilation, and creating a good ecological environment for the pollution-free breeding of Boer goats.

2. "Green" Feed Requirements Feed must have a fixed range of pasture and raw material origin, and the production area must be a green crop production base. Suitable for cultivation of high-quality forage varieties are wide-leaf ryegrass, Rumex k-1, alfalfa and Mexican corn, interplanting, reasonable, can supply green throughout the year. During the entire process of breeding Boer goats, use a "green" feed that meets the requirements of pollution-free.

3. When purchasing Boer goat purebred products, when purchasing Boer goats, they must go to the regular manufacturers to purchase them. When buying goats, they must also obtain their pedigrees. Can not think of the head brown, sagging ears is the Boer goat, while ignoring the Boer goat straight back, strong limbs, muscular development of the main signs. The ram's ram's horn is curved and curved outwards. The quality of the board skin is good, and its resistance to diseases and parasites is strong.

4. Selection of local elite ewes in the production of mutton sheep. After the selection of the Boer goat as the parent of the cross, the local ewes should be selected as necessary. Due to the neglect of goat breeding, breeding, and unplanned promiscuous and inbreeding mating for a long time, many local breeds are impure, small, and severely degraded. Therefore, in order to obtain a good hybridization effect, local goats must be hybridized and rejuvenated. Or use the better quality goat directly as a female parent.

5. Making full use of the advantages of hybridization Crossbreeding with Boer goats with many excellent genes and local ewes, the advantage of hybrids of offspring is very obvious. The birth of the hybrid generation of sheep, 2 months, 6 months of age and 6 months of age are increasing daily. As an example, it is 80%, 75%, 70% and 60% higher than the local sheep respectively, the lambing rate is 180% to 220%, the slaughter rate is over 50%, and the weight is increased by nearly 40%.

6. Improve feeding and management techniques In feeding and management, the “six changes” and “six outreach” technical measures should be implemented. "Six changes" means changing drugs of abuse as drug withdrawals; when the level is changed, the disease will not be rectified and disease will be rectified in order to formulate a perfect pest prevention and deworming program; a single feed of grass will be used to feed diverse grass materials and feed supplements; Raise for the high bed and bamboo bed raise; change the winter open-circled feeding for the plastic greenhouse shed; change the ram is not fattening fattening for the fattening. "Six Promotions" means promotion of ecological principles to prevent disease, improve product quality, achieve pollution-free, residue-free, pollution-free green food; promote sheep artificial insemination technology, improve the utilization rate of Boer 1 goat ram; promote ewe for two years Third-born breeding techniques to raise the rate of maternal farrowing; Promote the slaughter skills of the lambs of the year and increase the slaughter rate; Promote the raising and management techniques of appropriate sheep raising, and raise the benefit of large-scale breeding; Promote the combination of grazing and house-feeding to improve scientific breeding Level. The sheep pen should be simple but not leaky, sheltered from the sun, dry the site, ensure that the lamb eats full colostrum, carefully manage after weaning, supplement salt and bone meal.

7. Perfecting the epidemic prevention system of pest prevention According to the actual situation in the local area, a relatively perfect epidemic prevention program should be formulated and epidemic prevention should be carried out in a planned manner. The vaccine should be connected with seedlings. Individual infectious diseases that have become popular in the country should also be epidemic prevention. Regular cleaning inside and outside the sheep pen, regular disinfection. Use plant grey water or 10% to 20% lime milk solution or 5% to 10% bleach solution to disinfect; use Chinese herbal earth to prevent and treat when disease needs treatment; use fresh poplar leaves to feed sheep in summer, both for feed, but also To prevent the occurrence of diarrhea, dry poplar flowers or fresh leaves can also be used to cook, take decoction and drench, can treat diarrhea; governance Boer goat aphthous, appropriate amount of soybeans, baked in a black iron pan, into a powder, into the sesame oil tune Into a paste, then lightly applied to the affected area of ​​the sheep, once a day, usually 3 to 5 times to cure.

 Hotan Red date

Benefiting from Danghe River alluvial fan areas, deep layer, fertile soil and strong permeability, Jun Jujube orchards, located at 40° N, is considered as the world's best growing areas for jujube. The farm located in the northwest of China belongs to the typical inland temperate desert climate. Its annual precipitation is 36.9mm and the evaporation is 2486mm. The effective accumulated temperature is 3611 ℃ and the year's total duration of bright sunshine is 3246.7 hours. The large temperature difference between day and night is very conducive to dry material accumulation. Irrigation water from the Qilian Mountains is pure and clean.


Characteristics of Hotan Red date

1.Rich in minerals& vitamin 
2.Thin skin, small kernel & thick- flesh 
Natural air dried, uniform size with thick natural jujube flavor.

4,Higher sugar with good smell and flavor.

5.Cleaning with purified water without any additives, UV sterilizatio. Safty red dates.

Hotan Red date usage:

Tea, Medicines, Healthcare products, Pharmaceutical raw material, extract raw material, cosmetic products


Hotan Red dated summary

1. Processing:   Natural air dried 

2. Origin: In Akesu Town, Xinjiang Province, China

3. Material: the best Chinese dates

4. Packing: 500g,  customer`s request is available.

5. Features: Ready to eat, rich in vitamins and fibres

6. Storage condition: normal room temperature and prevent moisture.

Red Dates

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