Identifying counterfeit agricultural machinery


As the saying goes, “I am afraid that I do not know the goods, I am afraid that the goods are better than the goods.” When farmers buy their agricultural products, they should pay attention to the following ten points to ensure the quality of the purchased products.
A look at whether there is a product certification of the formal products are qualified by the National Quality and Technical Supervision Department, after the approval of the production of factory inspection certificate, instructions, and installation precautions, etc., if there are no more counterfeit, inferior products.
Second, look at the specification model When selecting accessories, it is necessary to observe whether the specification model meets the requirements for use. Some are almost the same from the outside, but they do not pay much attention, and buying back may not work.
Thirdly, whether or not there are assembly marks and regular qualified product assembly marks are very clear and obvious. For example, the gear assembly mark and the top mark of the piston should be clearly defined. Unmarked and unclear marks must not be used.
Four to see if there are some parts of rust due to poor storage or storage of the company for a long time, resulting in corrosion, oxidation, discoloration, deformation, aging and other phenomena. If any of the above conditions cannot be purchased.
Five to see if there is no distortion, such as tires, V-belts, shafts, rods, etc., improper storage method, it is prone to deformation, so that the geometric size can not meet the requirements, it can not be used normally.
Six to see whether the crack and shoddy products from the appearance of view, low finish, and there are obvious cracks, sand holes, slag, burrs and other defects, easily lead to oil spills, leaks, leaks and other failures.
Seven to see whether there is loose, stuck stuck qualified products, the assembly parts rotate flexibly, the gap size meets the standard specification.
Eight to see the surface color factory original products, surface coloring are more uniform, the color is in line with the standard.
Ninth Look at the packaging of regular products The packaging of regular products is generally very quality-conscious. The products are rust-proof, waterproof, and anti-corrosive. Most of them are packed in wooden boxes and marked with product names, specifications, models, quantities, and names. . Some parts assemblies are packed in cartons of good quality and set in plastic bags. The counterfeit and shoddy products are generally rough and poor.
10 When looking at trademarks and weights When buying agricultural machinery products and accessories, it is important to see if there are trademarks. It is best to choose Guoyou and Buyou branded products. At the same time you can also use your hand to weigh, generally shoddy accessories are cut corners, the weight will be lighter.

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