Feeding value of bacillary dysentery to pigs


The crop stalks and by-products left behind after cultivation of edible fungi can be obtained through treatment. Generally, 60 kg of bacillary dysentery can be obtained per 100 kg of culture material, and it is better to use mash to feed pigs than rice bran. The nutritional value is relatively high. Bacteria collection. After the edible fungus is harvested, the mildewed material and soil on the culture material are first removed, and the mycelia with a large number of mycelia and flavor are taken out and air-dried, dried, and crushed for use. Feed before fermentation. For every 100 kg of bacteria, mix it with 40 kg of rice bran and add water. The amount of water added is such that the water between the finger-tears is held in the hand and is not dripping out as a degree, and it is put into a closed container for fermentation, and it can be taken out and taken out when there is a scent of wine. Control usage. Before the fermentation, the amount of bacillary dysentery is 10%-15% of the total amount of feed. After fermentation, the amount of bacillary dysentery is 20%-35% of the total amount of the diet. It is best to use a variety of feeds and avoid single injection. Hey. Precautions. (1) Keep the bacilli and prevent moldy deterioration. (2) Bacteria can be directly mixed and fed to pigs after crushing, but the effect of feeding is not as good as that after fermentation. (3) The bacillary dysentery of each fermentation should not be excessive, and it is advisable to use it within 5 to 7 days.

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