Fish pond mixed lobster measures


Shrimp has strong adaptability, rapid growth, delicious meat, rich nutrition, and strong market demand. It is highly favored by farmers and consumers. In production practice, most of the crayfish crayfish are mainly polyculture, such as adult fish ponds, fingerling ponds, and crab and shrimp culture ponds. Mixed pond pond crayfish should pay attention to the following issues.
1. The pond is easy to enter and drain, and can maintain a water depth of 1-1.5m, a pool slope ratio of 1:3, and anti-escape facilities at the pool perimeter.
2. Clear ponds should be used to clear ponds that are harmless to lobsters, and they must thoroughly kill predators such as black fish, squid, water snakes, and frogs, as well as pathogenic bacteria and parasites.
3. Keep a certain amount of plants, branches and other hidden objects in the pool for lobsters to inhabit, climb, shell, and feed. Some plants can be planted, such as: Hydrilla verticillata, water peanuts, Vallisneria, water hyacinth, etc., with grass area accounting for 1/5--1/3 of the pond surface is appropriate.
4. Polyculture fish should not be cultured in polyculture ponds, and grass carp and carp that feed on aquatic plants should not be excessive. The varieties that can be mixed are squid, squid, polyglottis, river crabs, and fresh shrimps, and they can choose suitable polyculture varieties according to local conditions.
5. Can choose to use wild shrimp for shrimp species, specifications should be 3cm or more, a healthy limb, strong ability to move. Mushrooms with 0.6 to 1 million tails are suitable. You can also choose to hold egg shrimp into the pond for breeding.
6. Feeding amount should be sufficient, lobsters can kill each other when they are hungry. They may also eat crabs, green prawns and larvae in shelling. Therefore, feeding should be sufficient to meet the lobster feeding needs.
7. The bait should be palatable. The powdered bait should not be scattered directly into the pool, making it difficult for fish to feed. This not only wastes the food but also pollutes the water quality.
8. Pool water quality should be kept tender and tender, with a water transparency of about 30 cm, a pH of 7-8.5, and dissolved oxygen of 4 mg/L or more.
9. The use of quicklime to regulate water quality and increase the calcium content in the water will facilitate the growth of lobsters. During the prosperous season of fish and shrimp, it will be applied once every 15 to 20 days. After every 10 to 15kg of calcined lime, the whole pond will be turned into a mortar. spread.
10. In the prevention of fish and shrimp pests and diseases, fishery medicines that are harmful to lobsters should not be used, and special attention should be paid when using insecticides.
11. After 30-40 days of input, the shrimps can begin to catch shrimp with a size of 8cm or more. Using cages and other cage-type fishing gear, they will have no harm to fish and shrimps, and they will catch up with small fish and keep a balanced market. When the conditions permit, shrimp species can be added according to the situation of the pond.

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