Common knowledge of drying equipment: common dryer types in China


At present, the common types of dryers in China include spray dryers, airflow dryers, fluidized bed dryers, fluidized bed spray granulation dryers, and the like.

Spray dryer spray drying is one of the quickest equipment in drying equipment. There are three conventional atomization methods: rotary atomization, pressure atomization, and air atomization.

Rotary atomization spray drying is characterized by large single machine production capacity (spray volume up to 200t / h), easy to control the amount of feed, flexible operation, and a wide range of applications.

The spray atomization of the pressure atomizer is characterized by the ability to manufacture coarse particles for easy maintenance. Since the nozzle hole is small and easy to block, the liquid must be strictly filtered. The nozzle holes are subject to wear and must be made of wear resistant materials. Pressure nozzles also have a new structure called a pressure-flow nozzle. It features a pressure nozzle at the center and an airflow nozzle around it. The atomization is divided into two stages: the pressure nozzle first forms a liquid film, and the liquid film is atomized by the gas flow for a second time to make the droplets finer. The advantages of this type of nozzle are: (1) adjusting the pressure of the compressed air, the droplet diameter can be adjusted, and the operation is simple; (2) the large-volume, high-viscosity liquid can also be atomized into fine mist droplets; The original pressure nozzle can also be used if compressed air is deactivated.

Airflow atomizers are mainly used in laboratories and intermediate plants, and their power consumption is high. The first two atomizers can not atomize the liquid, and the airflow atomizer may atomize. High viscosity pastes, pastes and filter cake materials can be atomized using a three-fluid nozzle.

Airflow dryer airflow drying technology is mature, if there is operational data, it can be designed directly. At present, many drying equipment manufacturers can provide this type of equipment.

Fluidized bed dryers Fluidized bed dryers are second only to spray dryers. It is divided into a fluidized bed dryer with a stirrer at the feeding site and a fluidized bed dryer with internal heat exchange. When a fluidized bed is used to dry the granules and materials which are easy to unite or agglomerate, fluidization difficulties may occur in the feeding section where the moisture is relatively large. At this time, a stirrer is arranged in the feeding section to eliminate the agglomeration problem and achieve normal flow. Turn. The latter is a combination of conduction heat transfer and convection heat transfer. When the amount of hot air used in the normal fluidization state is far from satisfying the heat required for drying, an internal heat exchanger is provided to supply part or most of the heat. This type of operation can significantly save energy. Internal heat exchangers come in many forms. Fluidized beds are also often used to combine dry second and third stage dryers.

Vibration is applied to a conventional fluidized bed, called a vibrating fluidized bed. Vibration fluidization can be divided into two categories from the generation of vibration sources: one is driven by a vibration motor; the other is an ordinary motor that vibrates the spring through an excitation box. When the size of the vibrating fluidized bed is large, the latter effect is better.

Fluidized bed spray granulation dryer This process is an organic combination of fluidization technology, atomization technology and drying technology. It sprays the atomized liquid onto the fluidized seed bed, causing the seed crystal to grow and dry continuously, and to grow up to the specified size when the ejector is outside. The device is small in size, large in productivity, and capable of producing large particles. The industrial application of this device has been increasing.

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