With the progress of chemotherapy drugs, adjuvant chemotherapy is still needed after intestinal cancer surgery


Release date: 2010-01-08

"Many people think that after surgery for colorectal cancer, the lesion has been removed and there is no need for chemotherapy. This is wrong!" Professor Gu Jin, deputy dean of the Beijing Cancer Hospital and doctoral tutor, recently "Hope and Love Peer Project - Intestinal Cancer "The 5th Anniversary of the Patient" event pointed out: "The radical operation is the most important treatment for colorectal cancer, but in order to achieve the best therapeutic effect, surgery should be combined with postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy to further reduce local recurrence and improve survival rate.
The results of large-scale international clinical studies have confirmed that for patients with stage III colorectal cancer after adjuvant surgery, the 5-year survival rate is 20% higher than surgery alone. "To this end, the United States, Europe and China's "Guidelines for the Treatment of Colorectal Cancer" clearly indicate that all patients with stage III, high-risk stage II bowel cancer should be given adjuvant chemotherapy after radical resection of intestinal cancer, and according to the different stages of the tumor and In the case of patients, different chemotherapy regimens can be chosen.
With the development of chemotherapy drugs, especially the introduction of targeted oral chemotherapy drugs such as Xeloda, not only the effect is good, the side effects are small, and the medication is more and more convenient. Some can be taken orally at home by doctor's advice, which greatly reduces the cost of hospitalization for chemotherapy and the risk of complications caused by injection. During the treatment period, patients can spend more time with their families and participate in appropriate recreational activities to improve their quality of life.

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