Artificial blood vessels can imitate pulsation


Release date: 2010-01-11

In 2010, British scientists will apply a man-made blood vessel to the human body for testing.

According to reports, the London Royal Free Hospital in London used nanotechnology to develop a blood vessel for heart bypass made of polymeric materials. Artificial blood vessels made of this material can mimic the natural pulsation of human blood vessels and have the function of transporting nutrients to the body. The ultimate goal of this study was to use this artificial blood vessel in the operation of venous and lower extremity blood vessels.

Doctors say the use of this artificial blood vessel will help reduce the risk of amputation and myocardial infarction. If this research is successful, it will undoubtedly bring good news to patients with numerous cardiovascular diseases.

Human blood vessels should be able to withstand blood pressure throughout their lives and should generally be very tough. However, if it is attacked by diseases such as atherosclerosis, the blood vessels will be blocked or the wall weakened, which will evolve into an aneurysm, which may eventually cause blood vessel rupture.

At present, the medical community adopts the method of bypassing, using a diamond-shaped plastic tube or taking a blood vessel from the patient's own leg to replace the damaged blood vessel. However, there are two problems with this method. First, many patients do not have blood vessels suitable for transplantation. Second, plastic tubes are only used in large blood vessels. Because the plastic tubes are stiff and cannot be pulsated, the surface is very It is easy to form blood coagulation, so for a thin tube of 8 mm or less, the effect of the plastic tube is not good, and the failure rate of the bypass surgery is high.

Researcher Professor Hamilton said that many patients need small bypass vessels, but they are not available, and the result is amputation. Some patients who are unable to perform bypass surgery eventually die of myocardial infarction. Professor Hamilton said that the newly developed artificial blood vessel has both strength and flexibility, does not produce blood coagulation, and can follow the body's pulsation, mimicking the rhythmic heartbeat.

O'Sullivan of the British Heart Foundation welcomed the results of this research. She said that this is a "potentially great news" for countless patients who need heart bypass surgery and cardiovascular surgery. (Kexun)

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