Gold Baby Fermented Bed (real benefits)


Gold Baby Fermented Bed (real benefits)
Fermentation bed, a non-pollution, zero-emission organic agriculture technology, has the advantages of saving time and labor, real people can feel, and the benefits are many. What are the benefits of using Jinbao fermentation bed as an example?
Smell: Previously, pigs gave us the impression that bad smells and flies breed. If we use the Golden Dolphin fermentation bed, its functional strains can quickly and effectively degrade and digest pig excrement, eliminating the need for pig manure. Sweeping emissions will not result in the formation of a large number of flushing sewage, so that no waste will be discharged from the pig farms and the purpose of zero discharge of pigs will be achieved. There will be no odor and flies in the pig house.
Vision: Using a goldfish fermentation bed, pigs live on organic litter. Not only are they soft and comfortable, they are bright and healthy, making pigs less susceptible to disease, less illness, and faster weight gain.
Tactile: Using a goldfish fermentation bed, the temperature of the bed surface reaches 20 degrees, the temperature in the bed is 40-50 degrees, and it is very comfortable not to adopt insulation measures in the winter. Details can visit the website or consult.

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