Greenhouse Technology


Our company specializes in manufacturing Shanghai united six-type single-cell greenhouses, one-piece greenhouses, glass greenhouses, solar greenhouses, smart greenhouses, and greenhouse shades, heating/cooling projects, spray/drip irrigation projects, and nursery bed design. Manufacturing and installation, greenhouse materials using hot-dip galvanized steel pipe, spare parts by hot-dip galvanized or plastic coated, thereby extending the service life. Sales of greenhouse parts. To undertake greenhouse relocation project, greenhouse renovation project, welcome letter inquiries

We are manufacturer for kinds of Edible Fungus, including Tricholoma Matsutake.

Tricholoma Matsutake

Tricholoma Matsutake,Tricholoma Matsutake Mushroom,Natural Dried Tricholoma Matsutake,Frozen Wild Tricholoma Matsutake

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