About Wumei dry processing technology


Process selection of raw materials → cleaning → cooking → baking → re-baking → classification → packaging production method
1. Raw material selection: Full and mature fresh fruit should be selected to remove pests and fruits and rot fruits.
2. Cleaning: Plums are cleaned with water and drained.
3. Foci: The oven was made of bamboo and sealed with yellow mud. The stove was 33 cm high and was made of brick. The oven door extended to 42 cm outside the stove. At the upper end of the baking oven, 15 cm away from the mouth, a flat row of drying racks made of light bamboo was used, and two bamboos were used for fixing. Each bakehouse should be prepared to bake cages 5-7, the size of which is equivalent to drying racks. For ease of baking, sieve holes with a diameter of 2 cm should be provided at the bottom of each cage.
4. Baking: First put the plum fruit on the drying rack, use pine wood as fuel, and burn it at the mouth of the stove to make the fire and smoke naturally inhale the baking oven. Start using a fiery fire. After 2 hours, use a slow fire and let it cool for 12 hours.
5. Baking: Before the second baking, the size of the fruit after the first baking, the level of water content, the choice of separation. Put the “big fat” fruit with high moisture content on the lower layer of the drying cage, and put “two fat” fruit with low moisture content on the upper layer of the drying cage and cover the sack top. At the same time, put another batch of plum fruit to be baked on the drying rack. This cycle is repeated twice and the third baking is completed. Bake until 1989, when the nucleolus is slightly shaken by hand, it is the finished product.
6. Classification: Wumei dry grading in the processing season, the finished product processed into the plum after the first grade (the fruit is fully yellow cooked), the finished product processed into the plum before the second grade.
7. Packing: It is recommended to use armoring, lining the loquat leaves, net weight 50 kilograms per pound, add and seal to prevent dampness, or use double line sacks inside plastic film food bags, seal. Export products are packed in corrugated boxes, plastic food bags inside, sealed inside and outside, 20 kg per box.
The quality standard is black and shiny. When the hand shakes, the nucleus will ring, and the hand will feel slightly sticky and not broken. Generally 200 kilograms of yellow-smelled plum can be baked into 50 kilograms of ebony.


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