[American Bull Fertilizers Group reproduced] - Rational application of two kinds of phosphate fertilizers


Superphosphate and calcium-magnesium-phosphate fertilizers are two kinds of phosphorus commonly used in rural areas. The former is a white powder, which is hygroscopic and corrosive. The phosphorus content is about 16%-18%, which is an acidic chemical phosphate fertilizer; the latter is gray or dark. Green, not hygroscopic, non-agglomerated, phosphorus content of about 14% -18%, can be stored for a long time, is an alkaline chemical phosphate fertilizer. There is a big difference in the use of the two, and farmers are confusing when they use it.
- The applicable soil is different. Superphosphate is a basic melon and applied in calcareous and neutral soils. Most of them produce salts that are absorbed by crops. In acidic soils, they are mainly monocalcium phosphate, and free iron in soil. Aluminum ions exchange reaction and form insoluble phosphates. Therefore, it places special emphasis on mixed application with organic fertilizers and concentrated application to root-dense areas to reduce contact with the soil. The application of calcium, magnesium and phosphate fertilizers in the slightly acidic or acidic soils is the best. It can be used as a deep layer in the base fertilizer to accelerate the release of available phosphorus, which is conducive to crop absorption and utilization.
- Fertilizer efficiency has speed. Superphosphate water-soluble phosphate fertilizer, fertilizer effect faster, can be used as base fertilizer, but also for early dressing or root fertilization. The efficiency of calcium, magnesium, and phosphate fertilizers is slower. Under normal circumstances, it is best to apply 1-2 months earlier than superphosphate, and it should be used as a base fertilizer for one-time application. difference. The two phosphorus fertilizers contain similar effective phosphorus phase, but due to the slow effect of calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer and long fertilizer effect, the one-time application amount is 50% higher than that of superphosphate, which can be applied every other year to increase the utilization rate. In addition to phosphorus, calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer also contains a lot of calcium and magnesium, with the lack of acidic soil calcium and magnesium elements and reduce soil acid function.
——The two phosphate fertilizers are different in acidity and alkalinity, so they cannot be mixed and applied. Superphosphate should not be mixed with alkaline fertilizers such as lime and grass ash; calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer should not be mixed with ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride and other acidic fertilizers to avoid chemical reactions and reduce fertilizer efficiency. Superphosphate contains a large amount of calcium sulfate, which is used to supplement sulfur nutrition in the sulfur-depleted soil. The calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer has the ability to supply calcium, silicon, and other elements of the crop. Therefore, the calcium-rich leguminous crops and the need for silicon Applying rice is better.
- Different storage properties. Superphosphate will absorb moisture and agglomerate, and it will be corrosive. If the storage time is long, some of the water-soluble phosphorus will be converted into insoluble phosphorus, and the higher the humidity and temperature, the faster this transition. The calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer is not hygroscopic agglomeration, non-corrosive, resistant to storage. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer when preparing phosphate fertilizers.

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