Techniques for increasing the gestation rate of female ewes


The quality of the frozen lean frozen sperm of good quality sheep is the most basic condition for determining the level of gestational gestation. There are three things to watch for when buying meat sheep jelly:
First, the original spermatozoa vitality must be selected to be 0.7 or more, and the semen from the excellent chill-resistant rams should be good bred and management conditions, and appropriate sperm extraction (every 1-2 days sperm extraction 1 Times)
The third is to select the best dilution formula, and strictly follow the rules of operation to make mutton fine Tube frozen sperm, so that each spermatozoa in the effective number of sperm no less than 30 million.
The operator who understands the freeze should be careful to operate and firmly grasp the "four quick" tips, namely, quick, fast, quick, and quick.
The specific method of operation is as follows:
Use a pre-cooled long handled Tweezers to rapidly remove a fine tube of frozen sperm from the storage tank and quickly place it in a beaker containing warm water at 38-40°C (requires the closed end of the thin tube to face upward, with a tampon end Downward), and quickly kept shaking, so that the rapid melting of frozen essence immediately after the removal of the thin tube, the end of the thin tube cut, and then use the sterilized tweezers will pinch the Department pinched round, after passing the quality of semen examination, Can be loaded into the spermatophores, sleeves and protective sleeves to quickly inseminate the ewes.
The thawed sperm motility must not be less than 0.3, and the number of effective spermatozoa must reach the standard (more than 10 million). If the sperm motility and the number of effective spermatozoa are not up to the standard, they should be discarded. Otherwise, it will affect the thawing. The ewes' fertility rate.
Timely insemination Generally, the spermatozoa survival time after freezing and thawing is shorter than that of fresh spermatozoa. Therefore, the closer the insemination time after freezing to the ewe, the better the ovulation time. For this purpose, the cultivator shall firstly determine the estrus and ovulation patterns of the ewe and the time during which the sperms and eggs will run in the maternal reproductive tract and the time during which fertility is maintained. Under normal circumstances, estrus duration of 36-40h, and ovulation time is 4-6h before the end of estrus, the best insemination time of ewes should be 12-16h after estrus, can be implemented at intervals of 8-12h Subsequent insemination methods to improve the conception rate of frozen ewe.
Correctly grasp the site and method of insemination The ewe's frozen insemination site is appropriate to insert the vas deferens into the cervix 1.5-2cm deep.
The specific operation method of insemination is: prior to the insemination of the ewe Baoding on the breeding rack, raising its hind legs, 8-10cm from the ground. It is also possible to hold the ewes' head and neck with one person's legs and grab the two hind legs of the ewes with both hands. Raise the rear of the ewes slightly to maintain the posture of high and low front; the inseminators will disinfect the open. Rub the vaseline (or endoscope) with petroleum jelly, gently insert the vagina in the ewes, press the opener to open the vagina, then use the light source to find the cervix, and point the tip of the vas deferens with the thin tube at the cervix , slowly rotating into the mouth of the cervix about 1.5-2cm, you can slowly enter the semen, and then slowly out of the vas deferens. After the insemination, you can use your hand to gently slap the hindquarters of the ewe, and allow the ewe to rest 10-15min in place, in order to facilitate the input of sperm to swim deep within the uterus. At the same time, ewes who have just given birth should avoid vigorous drive-outs and avoid stress responses to reduce the rate of frozen pregnancy.
Strictly frozen allocation operation procedures In the whole process of ewe's frozen allocation and insemination, it is necessary to formulate corresponding operating procedures and strictly follow the freezing distribution operation procedures to ensure the proceduralization of the freezing allocation operation.
In the implementation of freeze-delivery, the operator should strictly sterilize during the operation; the test room and the insemination site are often kept clean and often used for disinfectant and clean water; various instruments used for insemination and seeding should be pre-sterilized in advance. After disinfection, the instrument should be rinsed repeatedly with clean water, then rinsed with distilled water, and then put into a special instrument box (or equipment storage room) to save the spare; before the insemination operation, the arms of the instrument should be thoroughly cleaned with clean water and used. Alcohol cotton ball wipe disinfection; the genital area to be treated with ewes should be washed with cleaning solution first, and then 1% to Su Er or 2% benzalkonium bromide solution to wipe disinfection to ensure that the genital area of ​​the ewes is clean.
To take timely remedial measures for frozen infertile persons: For ewe that have not been frozen, find the cause in time and take appropriate remedial measures, such as appropriate remedial measures, and timely insemination after normal ovulation in the ewe. Can get satisfactory remedial effect. Ewe and lean ewes should strengthen grazing, increase the amount of supplemental feed, so that the ewes as soon as possible to restore physique, and promote normal ovulation estrus. For diseased ewes, symptomatic treatment should be based on their condition.

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