PACS puts into use brings new revolution in medical diagnosis


Release date: 2006-08-09

PACS puts into use brings new revolution in medical diagnosis
Recently, the first "PACS" was put into use in the First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University, marking AGFA, the most advanced medical image information management system in the world, entering China. The internationally-advanced medical information application and training base is also in the hospital. Enabled.
According to Professor Xu Ke, the head of the interventional group of the Chinese Medical Association Radiology Branch and the president of the First Hospital of China Medical University, PACS (Picture Archiving and Comunia-tions System) is a digital medical device such as CT and MR used in hospitals. Comprehensive application system for digital medical image information collection, storage, management, diagnosis and information processing generated by NMR, US (ultrasound imaging), X-ray machine, DSA (digital subtraction), CR (computer imaging) and other equipment .
He believes that the birth of the PACS system has revolutionized modern medical diagnosis: the film-free and real-time transmission of the imaging system. PACS allows image diagnosis to abandon traditional visual observation and subjective judgment, providing complete information for medical diagnosis with complete data and powerful data processing capabilities.
Improve the speed of doctors' reading and the ability to process medical images. After the patient has performed an imaging examination, the examination results can be transmitted to the doctor's computer through the network. Using the PACS system, doctors can quickly produce diagnostic results and give treatment recommendations in real time.
Patients do not have to travel back and forth, and the treatment process is greatly shortened.
Increased the level of telemedicine. In the past, video conferencing systems were generally used for communication between the two parties, and patient diagnostic images were transmitted by video. If supported by PACS and HIS, the level of telemedicine can be greatly improved.
According to experts, modern medical science has become increasingly inseparable from medical image information. With the in-depth development of medical diagnostic visualization technology, people are constantly striving to find high-quality medical images with clearer and more diagnostic value.
PACS is an important condition for medical image information management. It digitizes medical images from acquisition, display, storage, exchange and output, and finally realizes image storage and transmission. At the same time, through computer intelligent processing of medical images and information, image diagnosis can be abandoned to the traditional visual observation and subjective judgment.
What is the direction of PACS development?
Experts believe that PACS will make breakthroughs in the following aspects:
1. Extend from a single radiographic image to include all existing images in the hospital: ultrasound, nuclear medicine, endoscopy, pathology, optical imaging, and more.
2. Integration with HIS. Give full play to the role of PACS to extend the PACS within the Imaging Division to the systems used throughout the hospital.
3. Use the Internet to achieve remote diagnosis.
4. Pay more attention to information security. Including information confidentiality, information integrity, non-repudiation of information and identity identification of access to data. Transferred from Shanghai Medical Device Network

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