Production of corn stalk micro-storage


Straw micro-storage is to add crop stalks to micro-organisms and high-efficiency active bacteria - live and dried stalks of jujube straw, put into a certain sealed container (such as cement, crypts, tanks, plastic bags, etc.) or ground fermentation, after certain During the fermentation process, the crop stalks become feeds with acid, savory, alcoholic taste and livestock. Because it uses microorganisms to ferment the stored feed, it is called micro storage and its feed is called micro-feed.
Micro-storage production method is: before treatment, the bacteria species into the water, fully dissolved, but also in the water first sugar, dissolved, then add live dry bacteria, in order to improve the resurrection rate. Then place it at room temperature for 1 to 2 hours to rejuvenate the bacteria (the preparation of good bacteria should be used the same day). Pour the revived bacteria into well-dissolved 1% saline and mix well. The amount of salt water and bacteria will depend on the type of straw. 1 ton of green corn stalk, corn stalk, rice or wheat straw plus a certain amount of live dried bacteria, salt, water, different microbial agents have different feeding requirements.
Straw cut short with conventional silage. The short straw is spread on the bottom of the cellar, and the thickness is about 20-25 cm. The bacterial liquid is evenly sprayed. After compaction, 20-25 cm of straw is laid, and then the broth is sprayed and compacted until it is 40 cm higher than the pit opening. Sprinkle the salt powder evenly on the top layer, and then seal with a plastic film after compaction. The amount of salt used is 250 grams per square meter. Its purpose is to ensure that mildew deterioration does not occur in the upper part of the micro-feeds. After covering with a plastic film, spread 20-30 cm thick straw on the top, cover the soil 15-20 cm and seal. After the straw micro-storage, the storage material in the pits will slowly sink. It should be covered in a timely manner to make it higher than the ground, and a drainage ditch should be dug around to prevent the infiltration of rainwater. Open cellar with conventional silage.
In the micro-storage of wheat straw and rice straw should be added 5% of corn flour, bran or barley flour to improve the quality of micro-preservation. When adding wheat flour, corn flour, and bran, pave a layer of straw and sprinkle a layer of powder, then spray the bacteria solution once. During the spraying and compaction process, it is necessary to check whether the moisture content of the straw is appropriate and uniform. Particular attention should be paid to the bonding of moisture between the layers, and no pinch layer should appear.
Water content inspection method is: grab the straw sample, twist with both hands, if water drops, the water content is about 80% or more; if no water droplets, loose water after seeing the hand is very obvious, about About 60%, the moisture content of micro-feeds is ideally between 60% and 65%. Spraying equipment should be simple and practical, small water pump, back sprayer can be.

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