Longkou fans processing technology


1, product characteristics: color white jade, light and transparent, silk long uniform, a bubble that is soft, tough and strong, smooth and refreshing. 2, process flow: soaking → refining → transfer paste → pressure wire → rinse → drying → finished product. 3, the production of points: Soaking: Wash the mung bean, soaked in 2 times. For the first time, add 120 kg of water per 100 kg of raw materials, warm water at 60°C in summer, soak in boiling water at 100°C for two hours in winter, and soak for 4 hours to make the mung bean absorb enough water. Then soak for the second time, 6 hours in summer and about 16 hours in winter. Refining: grind the soaked mung beans into pulp, add 400-500 kilograms of water per 100 kilograms of mung beans during the grind, filter soybean milk with an 80-mesh sieve, remove the bean dregs, precipitate for 12-16 hours, and pour off the flour surface water and yellowish The clear solution. To make the fan white and transparent, it is best to go through the second precipitation. Finally, the starch was scooped out and put into a bag. After 12 hours, the water was drained and the white wet amylum was removed. Adjust the paste: add 100kg of warm water at 55°C for every 100kg of starch, mix evenly with 180kg of boiling water, and quickly mix and dilute the paste, and quickly stir with a bamboo stirrer until the paste is bubbling, making it a transparent and uniform paste, that is, yellow powder . For each 100 kg of yellow powder with 400 to 500 grams of alum, the water is dissolved and mixed into the starch to adjust the flour evenly. It is required that the paste be free from lumps, agglomerates, no powder, and can be drawn without touching the hand. Ditch the surface by hand, and the two sides of the crack cannot be closed. Pressing wire: also called drain wire. Place the pan powder on the pan to keep the water temperature in the pan at 97-98°C. The distance from the bottom of the pan to the pan depends on the thickness of the fan and the quality of the pellets. The distance between the vermicelli and the fan is small. Leakage scoop hole diameter is generally 1 mm. Put the powder group into the scoop one after another, press the scoop into the thin vermicelli, fall into boiling water in the pot, and solidify as the fan floats on top of the pot, then remove the vermicelli. Requires pan water to boil, water too boiled is easy to cook fans, the water does not boil, then the fans easily sink into the bottom of the pot to stick together. Rinse: Fans put the pot into the cold water after cooling, while the fans in the row of bamboo rafts on the row, into the cold water bath soak for about 1 hour. Drying: Wait until the fans in cold water are loose and loose, and do not agglomerate when they are removed. When cold, sprinkle wet fans with cold water and gently scrub to make them not stick together. Finally dried to dry, remove the bundles into a handle, Serve.

The nail Salon Sofa sets come in a variety of styles. The simple nail sofas are clothed and leather. The fabric nail sofa can use different fabrics to make coats, with rich colors and patterns. Feel soft, warm, and different fabrics have different feel. When the coat fades in time, you can buy a new cloth instead. Coat replacement can be used as a refurbishment of the sofa. The leather sofa has high leather strength, thin and elastic, soft and smooth, good permeability and water permeability, and the cortex still has good tensile strength and perturbation strength at low temperatures, and has good light aging resistance and water resistance. Stability and easy to clean.

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