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With the rapid development of industrialization, the water environment has also become eutrophic, resulting in the frenzied growth of aquatic plants. In particular, water hyacinths introduced in the 1960s have become “green devils” and seriously endanger the environment and life. In the rainy season from June to November each year, almost 100% of the water from the coast of Taihu Lake to the major rivers in Shanghai, Zhejiang and southern Jiangsu is covered with water hyacinths, water peanuts and other aquatic plants, affecting the flood discharge of the river and affecting Transportation, as well as aquaculture, has also brought serious hidden troubles to the city's water supply and wetland ecology, and it has become a major scourge. Governments at all levels and relevant departments have used a variety of measures to govern the "green devil", such as drug weeding and biological control, but their effects are not obvious. They both pollute the environment and their effects are not satisfactory. Only relying on traditional manual salvage, the labor intensity is large, and the work efficiency is low. The labor cost is high, and the people complain about it. The government also feels a headache. The WH1800-type river grass cleaner jointly developed by the Shaoxing County Farm Machinery Management Station and the Ningbo Agricultural Machinery Research Institute and other four units was put on the market in August 2003 after the identification of new products by the Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Department. It was not only used in Shaoxing County, but also promoted. In Jiaxing, Changxing, and Jiangsu's Jiangyin and Wujiang cities, operations performed well and were well received by users. The WH1800 River Grass Roughing Machine is mainly used to clear river aquatic plants and floating objects on the water surface, especially water garbage such as water hyacinth. The aircraft draws on the advantages of foreign aquatic lawn-mowing facilities, adopts ship-type operations and hydraulic propeller propulsion. Through the cooperation of grass-removing mechanisms, conveying devices, and grass-storage equipment, it cuts, collects, and rolls grasses in river channels. , dehydration, filling treatment, after the full warehouse opened folding storage warehouse, the water transported to the transport ship or stacked on shore. The machine needs 1 to 2 people to operate, with a productivity of 15 tons per hour. Filled the gap in the field of mechanization of domestic water collection operations. It is of great significance to solve traditional manual work methods, reduce labor intensity, increase productivity, clean up river weeds, and strengthen environmental protection. The WH1800 river sweeper consists of a hull, a propeller propulsion system, a cutting device, a grass repelling device, a conveying device, a water tank, an engine, a hydraulic system, and a driving system. It uses the hull as a carrier, and the cutting, retrieving, transporting and other devices are mounted on the carrier, and the hull is driven by the propeller. The power to collect water weeds is driven by the S1115 diesel engine through two electromagnetic clutches to drive the cutting device, the grass replanting device and the conveying device respectively. Another S1110 diesel engine is used to drive the propeller through the hydraulic system and each device moves up and down. It has the advantages of reasonable design, reliable use, high efficiency and rapidity, and strong adaptability. After the aircraft was promoted and used in Shaoxing County, the river surface was clean and bright, the water quality was crystal clear, shipping traffic was unimpeded, and flood protection and drainage were ensured. The use of river grass cleaners not only regulated the "green demon" but also promoted the construction of a new countryside in Shaoxing County. Now the beautiful and rich Shaoxing Water Village, not only the rivers are clean, but also new houses, trees, rows of villas and buildings, and a beautiful new countryside scene. As the “Green Golem” is destroyed, the environment is purified, the water quality is improved, and people’s quality of life is improved. People no longer worry about the proliferation of water hyacinths, and ecological wetlands have basically kept a balance. The local people’s reflection of river grass cleaners really benefits people. A kind of water conservancy and environmental protection machinery.

LCZ696 (Valsartan/sacubitril) is a combination drug for use in heart failure developed by Novartis. It consists of the angiotensin receptor blocker valsartan and the neprilysin inhibitor sacubitril, in a 1:1 mixture by molecule count. It may be used instead of an ACE inhibitor or an angiotensin receptor blocker in people with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction. The combination is sometimes described as an "angiotensin receptor-neprilysin inhibitor" (ARNi).
It was approved under the FDA's priority review process on July 7, 2015. It is also approved in Europe.
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