Emergency repair of agricultural vehicles


Agricultural vehicles are commonly used by farmers' friends. However, when the parts in the vehicle are damaged during driving, how can the operator find the parts damaged and repair them in time? The author learned from the experts of the Agricultural Machinery Bureau of Huangping County, Guizhou Province, about some temporary emergency repair measures for agricultural vehicles.
When the cylinder liner of a farm vehicle burns out, if the burnout is a small mouth, it can be filled with an asbestos line; if the burned area is large, a subsidy can be cut from the same part of the waste cylinder pad, and its thickness should be the same as that of the original gasket. , Place it in the burned place and carefully tap it to make it fit well. If the burnout is between two cylinders, the asbestos thread should be wrapped in copper.
When the cylinder head gasket is pierced and the radiator is broken, the former can use a wooden wedge to block the orifice. The latter can be used to apply a piece of soap with a suitable size of tape, and then wrap it tightly at the leaking place and then tie it with wire or silk. If a severely broken tube is found, it should be removed promptly, the ruptured area should be cut off, and the tube should be covered with a suitable bamboo tube or thin iron tube. Then use wire or wire rope to tightly install it. If there is a leak in the upper and lower water storage chambers, it can be tightly tied with cotton or wood blocks. Radiator steel pipe leaks slightly, the soap can be stuck at the leak. If the water leakage is serious, the radiator core copper pipe clamped gently with pliers, so that it does not leak, when the power suddenly cut off, you can first check the battery, the method is to use a pair of pliers fork test after two pile heads, if there is no spark Loosen the chuck and tighten with a suitable spanner. If the battery is good, the pile head is clean and free of dirt, the chuck is not loose, the power-off phenomenon has not been cleared, and the connection of the two-pole wires can be checked.
If it is found that the clutch slips, if the disc is oiled, oil can be used to flush the oil.
When the valve spring breaks, the broken spring can be removed and installed in reverse.

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