Remedies help you solve the "face" problem


When I was a child, there may be people who said that the stains on your face looked cute, but after growing up, those spots were no longer a sign of “cuteness” and became the source of your troubles.

So what is the cause of stains? From the perspective of Chinese medicine, there are mainly three major causes.

Cause I: liver qi stagnation, depression, depression, liver loss, liver stagnation, stagnation, fever, yin burning, burning blood, resulting in facial qi and blood loss and the incidence of pigmentation causes.

Cause II: Spleen wet yin, where no diet, excessive fatigue, partial addicted to nausea, spleen lost health movement, lack of resources, blood can not be moist in Yan Guan, so the color is like dirt, darkness spot.

Cause three: The cause of pigmentation also needs to be known, kidney loss is a problem. Due to excessive house labor, injuries to kidney essence, kidney yin deficiency, virtual fire inflammation, resulting in loss of skin support, or lack of kidney yang, yin diffused, the true color of the kidney spread from the face.

Face stains not only affect the discussion of marriage, but also affect your impression on the boss and colleagues. How can you remove the signs without leaving a trace? No need to worry, Xiao Bian can help you to solve your face problem.

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