High-end tea oil is booming


This year's “oil crisis” has brought certain negative impact on China’s rising tea oil industry. Today, the incident has subsided for some time. What is the current situation for the rapidly developing oil industry?

"Know what is not good" tea oil industry

According to the reporter's multi-party understanding, the “chao storm” that has just passed is inevitable for the tea oil industry. Surprisingly, the tea oil industry has also “enjoyed” the unexpected joy brought about by this storm. It is reported that with the continuous deepening of the "chachao storm", people's attention to tea oil has rapidly increased. Tea oil, a healthy oil product, is quickly known to consumers throughout the country in a short period of time, and its quality advantage has gradually been The major media have disclosed that the occurrence of the "chachao storm" has invisiblely promoted tea oil itself.

In fact, in the Golden Week just past, tea oil as a high-end oil product is still popular among those who are pursuing a healthy diet. A supermarket worker told reporters that high-quality tea oil such as Runxin wild tea oil is bought by many consumers as a few barrels. In addition to their own food, many are used to visit relatives and friends.

In this regard, the industry sources said that a crisis in a brand does not mean that the entire industry must go downhill. If tea oil companies can seize this rare opportunity to do a good job in product development and marketing, will undoubtedly make this China Specialty oils flourish.

"Oriental Olive Oil" deserves a name

Tea oil is a unique edible oil species in China. It is extracted from the tea fruit of Camellia oleifera and is known as the world's four major woody edible oil tree species, along with oil palm, olive oil, and coconut oil. Camellia oleifera is commonly grown in the sub-tropical Nanling wet climate zone where there is no pollution in China. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are applied during the entire growth process. Therefore, oleic acid, cholesterol, aflatoxin, and other harmful substances are not contained.

Tea oil is known as "Oriental olive oil," but in fact, China's tea oil is far superior to olive oil in the efficacy of health food therapy. Take the well-known brand of Runxin Chayou oil on the market as an example. The content of monounsaturated fatty acids in tea oil exceeds that of olive oil, reaching 80%; it is also rich in healthy trace elements such as vitamin E, squalene, tea polyphenols, and flavonoids. Natural anti-oxidation, helps the development of the fetus and infants, regulate immunity, so in the south is known as "month oil"; In addition, tea oil has good stability and good antioxidant properties, easy to human digestion and absorption. With its own characteristics and advantages, tea oil has been awarded the title of “Healthcare Plant Edible Oil” debuted by FAO.

Industry recovery needs leading companies to lead

According to industry sources, China's tea oil industry is experiencing a period of rapid development. The occurrence of the "tea oil crisis" will not stop the development of China's oil tea industry. The tea oil industry will undergo a comprehensive reshuffle and a sense of mission in the future. Tea oil companies need to set a good example and lay a solid foundation for the industry.

According to the reporter's understanding, in the domestic tea oil companies, Runxin Tea Oil is a tea oil company with great hope to pick up the banner of the industry. It is reported that Runxin Enterprise is currently the country's top-ranking edible oil that has won the three national treasure awards of “China tea oil origin mark registration, green food, and organic food”. In terms of equipment manufacturers and technology, this company is based on EU standards. A few years ago, the company had spent 30 million yuan, a full set of the introduction of advanced production equipment in the European Union, becoming the only domestic tea oil company with a full set of sophisticated equipment in the European Union. Technically, the exclusive use of low-temperature cold-pressed European soft tower technology, strict control of high-temperature time six stripping process (off water, acid, plastic, color, smell, fat). Physical compression and purification throughout the process ensure that the trans fatty acid content is less than 1% and is fully in line with EU health standards for oils (above the national standard). It is the first in the country.

More importantly, this is a company with a sense of mission. Runxin market leader said in an interview that tea oil, as a unique Chinese traditional industry, also shoulders the burden of inheriting national culture. Once it suffers a crisis, it will not only make the local economy fall into crisis, but will also result in the loss of our country's unique culture. In the future, Runxin Chayou must make every effort to promote the sustainable development of tea oil industry in a healthy and orderly direction.

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