The principle of the use and operation technology of electric thermostatic water bath


Electric heated water bath <br> <br> electric heated water is used for medical institutes, universities, research departments and production units evaporation, drying, concentration, constant temperature heating.

When using an electric heated water bath, you should pay attention to the following items:

1) Always use a proper amount of clean water before using the constant temperature water bath. During the use process, it is necessary to pay attention to the timely addition of clean water, because the furnace wire casing is welded and sealed, heating will burn out the casing when water is not used, and the water will enter the casing to destroy the furnace wire or cause leakage. 2) The temperature automatic control box has The bimetal spring-loaded device achieves the purpose of controlling temperature by expanding or contracting the bimetal or turning on or blocking the power supply. Be careful not to splash the box or get wet, in case of control failure, leakage or damage.

3) Keep clean in the water bath, wash it on time, prevent rust and prevent water leakage and leakage. The water in the box should be replaced frequently. If you listen for a long time, all the water in the box should be drained and dried with a cloth to avoid rust.

Electric oven <br> <br> conventional laboratory oven zui high temperature heating up to 200 ℃ or 300 ℃, called industrial oven or drying oven. The temperature used by zui is 100-150 ° C, which is mostly used for drying samples or drying glass containers.

Pay attention to the following when using the electric thermostat:

1) The drying box should be placed indoors, installed at a stable level, kept dry, protected from moisture and moisture, and protected from corrosion.

2) There must be a certain distance between the place where the drying box is placed, and it is recommended to have more than 2M from the wall.

3) Check the voltage before using the drying box. The voltage required for the smaller oven is 220V, and the voltage required for the larger oven is 380V (three-phase four-wire). Install a power knife with sufficient capacity according to the power consumption of the oven. And choose the right power cable. Also work on the grounding wire.

4) After the above work is ready, put the sample into the dry box, then connect the power supply, turn on the oven switch, and the oven with the air blower. The blower must be turned on during heating and constant temperature, otherwise the temperature of the studio will be affected. Uniformity and may damage the heating element. Then adjust the temperature of the suitable test product to the compensation. The oven enters the working state.

5) The items of the baked goods should not be too dense. Do not place objects on the bottom of the drying box (heat sink) to avoid affecting the hot air circulation. It is forbidden to burn flammable, explosive materials and volatile and corrosive items.

6) After the blessing is completed, cut off the power before opening the studio door. Remember to not touch the items directly with the hand. Use special tools or items with insulated gloves to avoid burns.

7) Keep the drying chamber working room clean.

8) When using the drying oven, the temperature should not exceed the high temperature of the oven.

The safety technical operation rules of the box type resistance furnace should not exceed the high temperature of the resistance furnace.

l Always turn off the power when handling samples to prevent electric shock.

l When the sample is taken, the opening time of the furnace door should be as short as possible to prolong the service life of the electric furnace.

l Do not infuse any liquid into the furnace.

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