Cultivation Techniques of Kidney Bean 99


1, sowing time. Due to its wide adaptability, the variety can be sown at any time in the Huang-Huai-Hai area from Ching Ming-Da Shu. Generally, spring sowing is appropriate for Ching Ming-Gu Yu; summer sowing is better for summer solstice-summer summer; autumn sowing is better at the end of July-July.
2, planting methods. Whether it is spring sowing or summer and autumn sowing, it adopts high-row and double-row cultivation. The ridge distance is 1.1-1.2 meters and the height is 25 centimeters. Placing a 90-100 cm wide mulch film on the ridge roof (better effect of mulching film in autumn), soil tightness should be used around the membrane. After laying the membrane, dig a hole at a distance of 30 cm on both sides of the ridge. The depth of the hole is about 5 cm. After the water is sprayed, 2-3 tablets per hole. After sowing, cover the mulch around the hole with soil. Before ridging, apply enough base fertilizer to apply 3-4 cubic meters of high quality crude fertilizer and 30-40 kg of compound fertilizer per acre.
3, water and fertilizer management. On the basis of applying base fertilizer, no additional fertilizer is applied at the seedling stage, and watering should be controlled to prevent leggy. After flowering and scabbing, combined with watering, topdressing with a small amount of available nitrogen fertilizer, applying about 10 kg of urea per mu can be applied once every other water.
4, plug rack and lead vine pruning. When the plants begin to throw vines in time, insert the frame and pay attention to spreading the vines to the bamboo poles. When the main vine is about 1 meter long, 2-4 lateral vines can appear at the base. The side vines on the base must be completely destroyed so as not to cause the underlying dew. The lateral branches formed in the upper part, 2-3 knots can be scarred, and can be picked after the scarring. When the main vine grows to about 30 centimeters after reaching the top of the rack, the bamboo shoots are used to remove all the young shoots, ensuring that the shelves are bright and translucent, and the middle and upper layers can be reconstituted to rejuvenate the raw soybean pods.
5. Pest control. Luoyi 99 has strong resistance to disease, and no need to spray fungicide in spring and summer. However, in autumn, rust spot and powdery mildew occurred after September, and rust may be sprayed 2-3 times. For locusts, pods, tea saponins, etc., should be sprayed in time, especially in autumn sowing, but also should pay attention to spraying and sweeping broad spectrum pesticides.

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