The cause of chicken brown or dark brown dilute feces


Mainly seen in intestinal bleeding disorders. Posterior haemorrhage of the intestine was reddish brown and mainly found in cecum. Intestinal bleeding was fecal dark brown, common in young chicken intestinal coccidiosis or some acute infectious diseases and chronic poisoning.
1, tissue trichomoniasis: 04 blackhead or cecal hepatitis. In addition to bloody stools, the necropsy revealed enlargement of the liver. There were round or irregularly depressed necrotic foci on the surface of the liver. There was haemorrhage of the caecal hypertrophy with a caseous exudate and an embolism.
2. Caecal coccidiosis: It occurs mainly in chickens fed with ground litter. The chickens are gradually thin and have poor growth and development. The necrotizing cecal is swollen. Pulling blood is the characteristic symptom of the disease.
3. Intestinal coccidiosis: The feces are initially syrup-like loose stools, which gradually become thin. Visceral examination revealed the duodenum with small rounds of hemorrhage on the wall of the small intestine.
4, arsenic poisoning: The main manifestations of loss of appetite, drooping wings, feathers unruly, neck muscle tremors, head biased to one side, mouth flow of mucus, crown hair group, body temperature decreased, row blood with loose stools. Autopsy: gastrointestinal bleeding, hepatic, renal fatty degeneration.
5. Aspergillus flavus poisoning: Decline in chicken intake, stunting, and decreased egg production. At the necropsy, the liver showed yellow and bleeding spots, and the kidneys were swollen.

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