Plum seedling cultivation techniques


(1) Selection of seedlings Select pure seedlings, complete roots, robust, full shoots, no quarantine objects and no disease-infested plum seedlings.

(2) Planting spacing of common plants is 2.5mx4m, and the buds are planted before germination (preferably before April 20). Plum has self-infertility phenomenon. Therefore, cultivars should not be single, and should be planted at different distances to plant pollen trees of different varieties with the same flowering period. The ratio is 4:1 or 8:1. Fertilizer management (1) Fertilization 1. Basal fertilizer is a basic fertilizer that can supply various nutrients for plum trees for a long period of time. It is generally based on slow-lasting farmyard fertilizers such as compost, manure, crop straw, green manure, and deciduous trees. Basal fertilizer is good for autumn, adult plum, basal fertilizer 50-100 kg per plant fertilizer.

(3) Dressing

(1) Dressing before flowering: In the 10 days before the sprouting of Li tree (in early April), the plant applies 0.5-1 kg of available nitrogen fertilizer or 25 kg of human fecal urine. (2) Dressing after flowering: Topdressing nitrogen and potassium fertilizers should be applied in a timely manner to reduce physiological fruit drop. In the period from late May to mid-June, planting 0.5 kg. (3) Fruit enlargement and top-dressing during flower bud differentiation period: After physiological fruit dropping, before the fruit enters the rapid expansion period (from late June to mid-August), nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizers can be topdressed and 0.5-1 kg can be applied.


It takes at least 2 months for Pacific saury to be directly sold or processed.How to effectively maintain the nutritional value and flavor of saury has also become a research hotspot. At present, the easiest and most effective way to store saury is freezing. The lower the freezing temperature is, the more beneficial it is to maintain the quality of saury. It can only be stored for 180 days at -20°C, and -30°C is the suitable temperature for freezing saury.

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