Plastic crusher operating procedures


I. Working principle and structure Plastic crusher refers to plastic recycling equipment used to crush plastic waste, defective products, trims, etc., sometimes called plastic shredder or plastic shredder.

The passing plastic crusher consists mainly of a horizontal rotor with a series of blade knives and a cylindrical casing with one or two fixed knives. The plastic breaker is provided with a feed hopper along the axial direction of the surgery. The rotational speed of the rotor is very large, and the incoming material is cut into pieces at a small gap between the fixed blade and the blade to the blade (also called a moving knife), the debris is discharged from the bottom of the casing, and if necessary, it can be filtered through a filter sieve.

The moving shaft of the crusher is generally supported by a rolling bearing, and the transmission is driven by the motor directly through the elastic coupling. Intersection gap adjustment is accomplished by a fixed knife adjustment bolt. The blades are generally made of carbon tool steel and fired.

Second, the operating procedures (a) preparation before driving (1) a comprehensive inspection of the plastic breaker line gas line connection is correct, the machine must be grounded, one to ensure safety.

(2) It takes several hours of no-load to be used after normal operation. If abnormality of plastic crusher is found, it should be stopped immediately.

(3) After one week of use, check whether the bolts of all the fastening blades in the plastic breaker working chamber are loose, the blade clearance is correct, and adjust and tighten.

(4) Check whether there are any impurities in the plastic breaker working room before driving.

(5) Organize the plastic waste to be broken to ensure that the materials are free of chores and the feeding specifications are generally uniform.

(II) Operation and precautions (1) Start the motor of the plastic crusher, and feed the plastic crusher after it is running normally.

(2) The feeding should be uniform, and the plastic crusher should avoid the jamming of the large material. Once the jam occurs, stop it immediately. Pay attention to the motor load current display when driving, to ensure that the plastic crusher motor is not overloaded.

(3) If it is found that the plastic breaker is abnormally noisy, stop it immediately.

(4) The plastic crusher should not be operated continuously for 24 hours. When the temperature rise of the machine is too high, the cooling can be stopped properly.

(5) When the plastic crusher is shut down, even the waste inside and outside the plastic crusher should be cleaned.

(6) Plastic crusher must not be opened, cleaned or repaired while the motor is running.

(7) The plastic crusher should stop feeding before stopping, but the motor should continue to run for a while until the plastic crusher is completely empty and then shut down.

III. Maintenance and overhaul (1) Maintenance and overhaul of plastic crusher (1) The main shaft, bearing and reducer of plastic crusher should be regularly replaced with grease or lubricating oil according to relevant regulations.

(2) Each shift should be filled with oil once in the lubrication hole of the plastic crusher.

(3) The protective cover of each transmission part of the plastic crusher should be kept firm and complete forever. The plastic crusher does not have a complete protective cover and cannot be driven.

(4) The plastic crusher should not be operated continuously for 24 hours. When the temperature rise is too high, it can be stopped properly.

(5) Regularly check the gap between the blade edge and the intersection of the plastic crusher in the working chamber, and always check the blade tightening bolt to prevent the blade from loosening.

(6) Every shift should be cleaned of residual materials in the workroom.

(II) Overhaul of plastic crusher The main wear parts of plastic crusher include movable blade, fixed blade, rotating shaft journal and bearing, blade set bolt and screen.

The minor repair cycle for plastic crushers depends on the life of the blade and its extent of use. Replace the blade, grind the worn blade, and adjust the gap between the intersections for minor repair work. The time interval is usually half a month.

The repair work is carried out every six months to one year, including replacing the blades, replacing the bearings, checking the rotating shaft, the screen, and repairing the transmission system.

Overhaul work is done every one to two years, replacing the rotor with the blade installed, overhauling the studio housing, and overhauling the transmission system.

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