Jiangsu will launch the family doctor system in 2012


Yesterday, the Department of Health of Jiangsu Province issued the "Guideline for Establishing a Family Doctor System (Draft for Soliciting Opinions)". According to this guidance, in 2012, the provincial community hospitals will start the family doctor system; by 2015, basically every household will have a family doctor. According to this guideline, family doctors will provide 12 free services for contracted families. These services are mainly for patients with chronic diseases.

What is the goal of the family doctor system?

In 2015, basically realized that “all households have family doctors”

The relevant personage of the Department of Health of Jiangsu Province introduced that the guiding opinions are still in the stage of seeking opinions. According to the Exposure Draft, each family doctor establishes a contract responsibility system in accordance with the standard of about 200 services. In 2012, all urban community health service centers in the province initiated the implementation of the family doctor system. The family signing rate of over 65 years old, 0-6 years old children, pregnant women and maternal and chronic patients was over 50%, and the contracted residents were in community health service institutions. The proportion of outpatient visits reached more than 50%, and the degree of satisfaction of contracted families with family doctors reached more than 80%; by 2015, the family doctors and residents had a relatively stable signing service relationship and the first family doctor system in the community was basically established. Every household has family doctors, and everyone has the goal of contracting services.

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