Rice cultivation management 14 steps


1, the entire board (in mid-April)

Focus: Fertilizer field, promote seedlings. Management plan: Cadillar Organic Fertilizers 2 bags plus basal fertilisers after application.

2. Before sowing (late April to early May)

Key points: Prevent bakanae disease, planthoppers, and prevent stripe blight. Management plan: Soaking seed 2 ml plus Yun Mei 5 grams soaking 10 kg.

3, the needle phase: (in early May)

Emphasis: Prevent and control standing, rotting, promoting roots and strong squatting. Management plan: Rui Miao Qing 16 grams spray sampan plate.

4, two leaf one heart period (mid-May)

Emphasis: Prevent and control standing, rotting, promoting roots and strong squatting. Management plan: Rui Miao Qing 16 grams plus foliar zinc or silicon ring or cinnamycin spray washboard.

5, clover (in late May)

Focus: weeding in paddy fields, single and double weeds, sedges. Management plan: 40 to 50 milliliters of Inagi, prevention and treatment of thousands of gold plots plus thousands of cream.

6. Late Putian period (late May to mid-June)

Focus: Prevention of fly fleas and strong fleas. Management plan: Yun Mei 10 Kegariva or Rospen plus organic potassium or foliar zinc or silicon ring.

7. Soaking period (mid-June)

Focus: Fertilizer, increase production. Management plan: 1~2 bags of basal fertilizer per acre.

8, before transplanting (mid-June)

Focus: Roots, hair trees, return to seedlings. Management program: Putian sprays silicon ring and foliar zinc again.

9, After turning green and returning green (from mid-June to early July)

Emphasis: Promote roots, prevent root rot, prevent planthoppers, and prevent stripe blight. Management plan: Allow the United States to sterilize and add silicon ring plus leaf zinc, every 7 to 10 days and then spray it again, the base rot prone to land Jiake Po.

10. Jointing period (mid-to-late/late-July)

Key points: Prevention of leafhoppers, rice weevil, borers, and leafhoppers. Management program: Inazawa Gariva or shade.

11. After jointing (from late July to early August)

Focus: Prevent sheath blight, rice leaf roller, increase grain number per spike. Management plan: full ear plus green shade Gariva or musical instrument plus silicon ring.

12. Booting period (mid-August)

Emphasis: Prevention of warts and rice planthoppers. Management plan: Green shades are allowed to be added to Mägriga or Le Spen or Kung Fu.

13. Heading period (from late August to early September)

Focus: Prevention of rice planthoppers, panicle blast, rice smut disease, leaf sheath spoilage disease, increase grain number. Management plan; Yun Mei Jia Ruiwa plus indigo plus buprenorphine plus silicon ring or instant boron or can be boron.

14, grain filling period (from September to mid-October)

Emphasis: Prevention and control of planthoppers, not knowing sheath blight, increasing grain weight. Management plan: Yunomegara Plus Jinggangmycin plus organic potassium or fonopr

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Dry suspension 90+720MG
Chloroquine Phosphate Tablet 250mg
Injection 64.5mg/Ml 5ml
Clotrimazole Cream 1% 20g/Tube 60ml/Box
Ketoconazole complex Cream 1% 15g 1000's/Tin
Metronidazole Inj 5% 100ml
Tablet 0.2g 0.25g 0.4g
Miconazole Nitrate Cream 20mg/g 5g 1tube/Box
Nystatin Cream 0.1mega/g 15g
Oral suspension 100,000IU/ml, 30ml
Quinine 2HCL Inj. 600mg/2ml 1bottle/Box (Hanger)
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