Prudent use of pesticides in winter greenhouses


“Because the ecological environment is rather special in greenhouses, it is suitable for all kinds of pests and diseases throughout the year. To effectively control pests and diseases, it is necessary to use pesticides scientifically and correctly.” On December 18, Li Mingkai, an agronomist of the Agricultural Bureau of Nanjiang County, In the vegetable greenhouse of Li Shugui, a farmer in Yushu Village, Dongbu Town, several farmers were introduced to explain the science of using pesticides in greenhouses. Lao Li said that the use of pesticides in greenhouses should be careful, with particular attention.

Correct selection of drugs Each pesticide has a certain scope of control and prevention and control objects. Before use, it is necessary to understand the properties and methods of use of pesticides. According to the characteristics of the occurrence of insects in the shed and the correct selection of drugs, it can be targeted. In rainy and snowy weather, dust agents are generally used to reduce the air humidity in the shed.

Correctly discriminate against physiological diseases and infective diseases, confirm the types of pests and diseases, and achieve the right remedy.

Timely medication According to the law of occurrence of pests and diseases, pesticides should be applied at the initial stage of pests and diseases. The pests and diseases should be controlled at the spotting stage to prevent the spread. Taking into account the warm and humid environment in the shed, it is not appropriate to spray on cloudy or rainy days to prevent excessive humidity and reduce the efficacy of the shed. Under high temperature conditions, sulphur preparations are used to prevent diseases of melons and vegetables in order to avoid phytotoxicity.

Even after the prevention and treatment of pests and diseases, it is generally necessary to prevent and treat 2 to 3 times in a row, each time between 7 and 8 days. During the prevention and treatment process, attention should be paid to the rotation of drugs, and pesticides of different types and different mechanisms of action should be alternately used.

Standardized application of pesticides strictly in accordance with the instructions on the use of the concentration and dosage of medication, spray, dusting must be comprehensive, uniform spray spray, usually in the morning, in order to increase ventilation in the greenhouse after the temperature, reduce the humidity within the greenhouse. Aerosols are generally used after closing the greenhouse in the evening, and attention should be paid to arson.

Safe use of drugs in the production of vegetables should use high-efficiency, low toxicity, low residue pesticides, should not be arbitrarily increased concentration of the drug, the number of medication can not be excessive, strictly according to the interval medication, to prevent vegetables from injury, reduce pesticide residues. The use of highly toxic pesticides such as organic chlorine, carbofuran and methamidophos is prohibited.

Rational use of pesticides can be mixed with appropriate amount of fertilizer or foliar fertilizer. However, it should be noted that the first thing to know about the characteristics of various medicines is to mix them. Otherwise, it would be counterproductive. For example, the fungicides such as zeocin and zesinam are easily decomposed in the presence of alkaline substances and cannot be mixed with lime sulfur or Bordeaux mixture.

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