Grapes must be re-managed after harvest


Before the grapes are harvested into the fallen leaves, it is a key management period that is easily overlooked by people. At this stage, the second peak of photosynthesis occurred in the leaves (the first time in the second half after germination to the period of leaf growth), and it declined rapidly near the deciduous period. Therefore, we must pay attention to this critical period after harvest, strengthen management, protect leaves and protect leaves, and increase the storage of photosynthetic products. If the management of the late tree is neglected, it will lead to premature leaf damage, reduced photosynthesis, and tree nutrient deficit, which will make the early spring lack of nutrients, germination will be late but not neat, even the inflorescence will degenerate, the flowering result will be reduced, and the result will be less Or not result, but also easily lead to the second year of foliage, poor flower bud differentiation, thus affecting the results of the third year.
First, protecting the leaves after harvesting and protecting the photosynthetic capacity of the leaves has an important role in increasing the storage nutrients of the tree. In the late stage of growth, pesticides used for the withdrawal of bacteriocin and sulfur are strictly controlled to prevent premature leaf aging and reduce photosynthetic intensity. Under normal circumstances, in addition to the giant peaks, the fruit should be used as little or as little as possible after harvest. When harvesting the fruits, pay attention to reduce damage to the leaves.
Second, the fertilization nourishing fruit as soon as possible after the harvest into the basal fertilizer, in the results of many, weak tree vigor can be applied under fast-acting nitrogen fertilizer, in order to enhance the photosynthesis of the late leaves and restore tree vigor.
Basal fertilizer is suitable for autumn, because at this time the peak of root growth, root healing, cutting off all the fine roots, can play a role in root pruning, can promote many new roots in the year, early next spring can absorb large amounts of soil Nutrient substances. In the autumn, the above-ground shoots have gradually ceased to grow. The nutrients absorbed mainly accumulate and store, which can increase the nutrient level of the tree. It is conducive to flower bud differentiation and enhancement of overwintering ability in the year, sprouting in the next year, further formation of flower buds and early shoots after flowering. Growth, due to high tree nutrient levels, good flower bud quality, can increase fruit setting rate, promote cell division of young fruit, the number of cells within a single fruit. To lay the foundation for high yields for the coming year. Basal application time should be combined with local climatic conditions, September is the most appropriate. At the latest by about mid-October, the late fall in temperature is not conducive to root absorption. Basal fertilizer is dominated by organic fertilizers, with phosphate fertilizers, about 3,000 kilos of organic manure (farm fertilizers) and 50 kg of phosphate fertilizers.
III. Pest control The prevention of pests and diseases after harvesting is very important. In particular, downy mildew, powdery mildew, and insect dust will cause premature defoliation of whole trees, forcing the winter buds to germinate in late autumn, which will seriously affect the nutrient accumulation of trees and the growth results in the coming year. Postharvest disease prevention and treatment. In general, after harvesting to defoliation, spraying 300 times of aluminum alizarin or 1000 times of thaw mold every 10 days or so can effectively prevent the occurrence of downy mildew. Use 1,000 times omethoate to prevent floating dust.

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