How to use a cylinderless diesel engine


First, the characteristics of the cylinderless diesel engine:

The all-cylinder linerless diesel engine is a new type of diesel diesel engine newly developed by Jiangling Company (natural intake model JX493Q3-1 and turbocharged model JX493ZQ-12). At present, only a few diesel engine plants in China can produce. In order to enable everyone to better use and maintain the cylinderless diesel engine and extend its service life, the following briefly introduces the characteristics of the cylinderless diesel engine and its use and maintenance methods.

Compared with cylinder-cylinder diesel engines, cylinderless diesel engines have mainly improved as follows:

1) Cancel the cylinder liner. The piston ring and piston directly act on the cylinder bore.

2) Trace elements are added to the material of the cylinder block to increase the strength and wear resistance of the cylinder and adapt it to the working environment of the cylinderless diesel engine.

3) The use of a cylindrical chrome-plated piston ring forms a good friction pair with the cylinder bore wall of the cylinder block.

4) Raise the requirements for the roughness of the cylinder bore so that it has lubrication and wear resistance.

5) Because there is no need to install a cylinder liner, the cylinder bore has no stop. Compared with a cylinder liner diesel engine, due to the abolition of the cylinder liner, the wall thickness of the cylinder bore is increased, the deformation of the cylinder bore can be reduced, and the sealability of the piston ring is ultimately improved, thereby reducing the amount of helium gas. At the same time, the cylinder sleeve is reduced, so that the heat generated by the diesel engine can be directly transmitted to the cooling water of the diesel engine through the contact between the piston ring and the cylinder body, which improves the heat dissipation capability and optimizes the working conditions of the diesel engine.

Second, the use of non-cylinder diesel engine:

In use, user maintenance is an important factor affecting the life of a cylinderless diesel engine. Similar to the general diesel engine, the initial running-in is very important and must be used and maintained strictly in accordance with the requirements of the operating instructions. After the running-in is completed, although the diesel engine can operate at full speed and high speed, it is also necessary to periodically replace the oil, oil filter, air filter, and diesel filter that meet the requirements.

Third, the maintenance method without cylinder liner diesel engine:

During maintenance, although all parts of the diesel engine without cylinder liner can be used in common with most parts of the diesel engine with cylinder liner, due to the difference in design between the cylinderless diesel engine and the diesel engine with cylinder liner, it is necessary to pay attention during maintenance: there is a piston ring of cylinder diesel engine. And cylinder block and cylinder liner diesel engine is not universal.

When the cylinderless diesel engine is in normal use, the service life of the cylinderless diesel engine is the same as that of the cylinder diesel engine. However, if it is used improperly, it can easily cause problems such as early wear of the cylinder bore and burning of oil. Since the cylinderless diesel engine cannot be repaired directly by replacing the four kits like the cylinder diesel engine, the following method can be used for maintenance:

1) directly replace the cylinder

2) Cylinder grinding, group optional maintenance special piston

3) Cylinder grinding, adding cylinder liner, so that it becomes a cylinder liner If the cylinder bore wear is small and the cylinder bore wear is small, the commonly used method is to expand and honing the cylinder bore, and re-select the use of For the maintenance of the increase of the outer diameter of the piston and piston rings, etc., must ensure that the gap between the piston and the cylinder hole between 0.025 ~ 0.045mm.

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