Winter chicken disinfection precautions


(1) Disinfect the chickens within 3 days before and after the live vaccine immunization to prevent affecting the immune effect.

(2) To reduce stress, spray disinfection time is best fixed, and should be carried out under low light or in the evening.

(3) Doors and windows should be closed when spraying, and ventilation and ventilation should be strengthened after disinfection to facilitate the drying of the chicken body surface and the chicken house.

(4) According to the disinfection effect, characteristics, composition and principle of different disinfectants, it is better to use several disinfectants alternately. Under normal circumstances, after two or three consecutive uses of an agent, it is necessary to replace another agent in order to prevent pathogenic microorganisms from developing resistance to disinfectants and affecting the disinfection effect.

(5) Disinfection with chickens will reduce the temperature of the chicken house. In the winter, the temperature should be increased by 3°C~4°C and then sprayed.

For healthy chickens, it is not recommended to sterilize the chicken so as to avoid stress, damage to the environment of the house, stimulation of the respiratory tract and respiratory disease. The environment, personnel, and facilities outside the house can be sterilized.

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