Calf feeding what to see


First, look at the food tank yak did not eat the feed in the net food tank to look up and walk away slowly, this shows that to feed the yak too much, if the bottom of the tank and the wall only left slag traces, indicating feeding The amount is moderate; if the food tank is clean, it means that the amount of feed is insufficient.

Second, to see fecal yak feces will increase the number of feces on the 2nd, feces slightly thicker than pure milk, indicating the normal amount of feed. With the increase of the amount of feed, the steak steak will form a new rule of time, and more will be defecate before and after feeding every morning and evening. The feces are lumped together in countless clumps, shiny and soft like adult cow dung. If the excrement of squid steak is shaped like porridge, it means that the amount of feed is too much; if the excrement of excrement is as thin as drowning, and the wet butt of the buttocks is stained, it means that the amount of feed is too large or the water is too cold. At this time, as long as you stop feeding twice and then add powdered corn, bran, etc. to the feed, diarrhea can stop.

Third, look at the fixed phase of food feeding time, more than 10 days after the yak can form a conditioned reflex, after the day of each feeding time, the yak ran to find food, indicating that the amount of feed is normal; if the yak eat net foodstuffs Afterwards, they lingered in front of the feeding room and refused to leave, indicating that the feeding amount was insufficient; if the feeding was not carried out, the yak did not want to go to the front of the tank, indicating that the last feeding was excessive, or the cattle may have suffered from illness.

Fourth, when looking at the belly feeding, if the calf's abdomen collapses clearly and refuses to eat before the trough, it shows that the calf may be caught in colds or suffering from eating disorders; if calf's abdominal depression is obvious, appetite is reflected. Very strong, but just smelled before the food trough, and walked away a moment later, indicating that the feed was too big and unpleasant, and the water humidity was too high or too low; if the calf's belly bulged and did not eat, it meant that it was eating too much. , stop feeding once to get better.

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