How to effectively reduce cowardly pigs


Cowardly pigs are ineffective pigs that cannot create profits. Therefore, it is futile and worthless to raise cowardly pigs. However, looking at many farms, there are always more or less cowardly pigs, severe to the growing period, the proportion of cowardly pigs is up to 30%, and the economic benefit is extremely low. Today, when we advocate fine management, as long as we master certain methods of scientific management and squeeze out a little time, we will be able to save a pig and possibly redeem the gains that a pig may receive. There are various reasons for causing cowardly pigs. There are also many effective ways to deal with cowardly pigs. According to what we saw and heard on the farms, the causes of cowardly pigs are now grouped into three categories and provide effective solutions. Each pig farm reference.

Newborn Weak Pig

Part of the reasons for the birth of the weak pigs are the sows’ excessive births, the low birth weight of the sow, and the weak vitality; part of it is the high parity of the sow or other reasons, some of the pigs are undernutrition during the embryonic period, and some are due to dystocia and other reasons. After the birth of the pig, the constitution is weak. Among the primary weak sons, those who are free of disease but are underweight are those who are physically significant but weakly viable. There are also physical defects, such as congenital tremors or splayed legs. But they all share the same reasons: they have poor competitiveness, they have weak breast-feeding power, they can only occupy the remaining teats of other pigs, and they feed on other pigs after they are full. This congenital deficiency and the unfavorable effects of acquired diseases can only lead to the final result. It is getting weaker and weaker until death. According to the data, the mortality rate of newborn pigs below 0.8 kg is approximately 77%, and the mortality rate of newborn pigs below 1 kg is approximately 44%.

The best solution (1) Extrude the sow's milk or prepare the ready-made aqueous solution of the ready-made milk and Hengfeng strong pig's liquid ecological vitamin (Vitaloli) through the stomach tube feeding method to the weak pigs. Pigs can eat more milk and rich in nutrients. This method works best for pigs who do not have milk or have insufficient sucking power after birth. (2) Feeding veterinary sows within 7 days after prepartum and postpartum to increase sow nutritional intake, increase nutrient storage in sows, and maximize nutrition to maintain lactation and maintain good body condition and normal reproductive performance. Need to increase the birth weight of the pigs, wean off the nest, and reduce the incidence of cowardly pigs. (3) From the beginning of the piglet's feeding of troughs until the end of the conservation period, add vetoli (15 mls of water to 15 liters) and make the feed and vedules into rice cereal or porridge samples for the pigs to feed freely. It can effectively increase the body weight and disease resistance of the pigs and significantly reduce the cowardly pigs. This method has been validated by multiple farms.

Weakness caused by diarrhea

Diarrhea is inevitable during the lactation period, and it is a big problem because the diarrhea causes the piglets to become weaker and stiffer. This group of pigs grows slowly due to diarrhea, underweight at weaning, poor body quality after weaning, and tends to become stiff pigs.

Solution In addition to drug control of diarrhea, it is necessary to supplement Vitoid + electrolyte + glucose + baking soda for 7 days to 14 days. Because the diarrhea is dehydrated, it is not only water that is removed, but at the same time, a large amount of electrolytes are removed, and a large amount of nutrients are lost. Simply supplying water to the dehydrated pigs does not solve the problem, and the body fluid components and nutritional elements should be supplemented at the same time when the water is replenished. Therefore, drinking vitamins, electrolytes, glucose, baking soda for dehydration pigs is necessary.

Weak child during childcare

During the conservation period, the treatment of weak pigs is of utmost importance. Because the feeding conditions are poor compared to the maternity wards, the keeper has a large workload, and each pig cannot be taken care of. The possibility of a weak child is greater and the weak pigs are taken care of. , will also raise a good nursery pigs, finishing pigs.

Solution During this period, prevention was far better than cure, weaned pigs were fed vetopil (1 liter of water 2 liters), antiviral No. 1 powder, and Heng Ford from the first day of the weaning group and served for 7 days, minimizing the weakness. The incidence of pigs; this method can also be used for weak pigs with therapeutic value.

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