Carbon dioxide casting method


Organic matter fermentation man, animal manure, crop straw, weed stems and leaves produce CO2 gas during fermentation, which is easy and low-cost, but CO2 emission is not easy to adjust and control, it is difficult to meet the required concentration requirements.

The CO2 gas, a by-product produced during the production of alcohol and other chemical products by the pure gas source method, is compressed and filled with steel cylinders. The advantage is that the gas source is purer, the effect is quicker, and it is easier to control the dosage and application time, but the cost is higher.

The combustion method generates CO2 through the combustion of liquefied petroleum gas, propane gas, natural gas, white kerosene, etc. by CO2 generators. It is easy to control the concentration and time of CO2 application by the combustion method, but the investment is large, the cost is high, and the fuel is demanding (if the fuel contains sulfur The amount is less than 0.05%).

The chemical reaction method uses a chemical reaction between acid and carbonate to produce CO2. At present, dilute sulfuric acid and ammonium bicarbonate are used more often. CO2 gas is generated in a simple gas and fertilizer generating device, and CO2 is applied in a closed facility through pipelines. .

Application of organic biogas fertilizer particle method The organic biogas fertilizer is applied evenly to the rows of plants at a certain distance. The soil in the hole has a certain amount of water, and CO2 is produced by using soil microorganisms to ferment. This method requires no CO2 generating device and is easy to use.

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