Early piglets should be supplemented with iron


Early piglet heat preservation, iron supplementation, and feed supplementation can enhance the piglet's physique, exercise the gastrointestinal function of piglets, and reduce the occurrence of intestinal diseases. The weaned piglet has large individuals, complete gastrointestinal function, good digestive function, large feed intake, and low systemic consumption after weaning. Generally, after the piglets are born, heat preservation is carried out. The iron is supplemented at 1 to 3 days, fed at the age of 5 days, and normal feeding is started around the age of 18 days, and can be basically weaned after another week.

Some people like to keep small, nursing piglets in the rear, so that there is a mixed group of pigs of different ages, and it is not conducive to the thorough disinfection of pigs. Because of the high incidence of weaned piglets, the consumption of piglets can be effectively overcome by using all-in and full-out.

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