In order to achieve high yield and quality of watermelon, fertilizer technology must be optimized


When watermelons are marketed each year, the direct cause of the “cold and warm days” of watermelon sales is the problem of sweetness. The degree of sweetness is the amount of sugar. Generally, the sugar content of watermelon with low sweetness is 5-6%, and the sugar content with high sweetness is 10-12%. High-quality watermelon with high sweetness is not only easy to sell in the market, but also has high sales efficiency. In fact, the quality of high-quality watermelon to remove the intrinsic quality factors, to a large extent, also determined by the optimization of fertilization techniques.

First, seedlings are transplanted with fertilizer. Any nutritious soil with seedlings should be nutritious, and seedlings should be transplanted with fertilizer. Therefore, one must use a sandy soil with deep, sterile soil as a new seedbed, and do not use the old seedbed of the calendar year. Second, use 50% of the total amount of fertilized compost and barn and other organic fertilizers. Apply a certain amount of high-level compound fertilizer or phosphorus and potassium fertilizers; Fourth, apply ripened human feces and urine early enough to mix well with bed soil. At the same time, in the first half of the production process, every 100 kilograms of bauxite is sterilized with 200-300 ml of formalin mixed with 25-30 kg of water, and then covered with plastic film to kill germs. In general, each side of the nutrient soil can do nutrient pods (blocks) of 2000 or so, to do hoeing, side sowing, side cover soil, side coating.

Second, high-quality basal fertilizer should be applied in divided portions. Basal fertilizers should be dominated by organic fertilizers, supplemented by chemical fertilizers. In the structure of fertilizer, nitrogen and potassium should be the main, followed by phosphate fertilizer, with the appropriate amount of trace elements. Organic fertilizer should be applied to all types of cake fertilizers, compost made by farmers, manure, and bio-organic compound fertilizers such as bio-enzymes. All kinds of high-energy bio-organic fertilizers should be used, and nitrogen fertilizers should not be used in large quantities. Basal fertilizer should be applied to 100 kg per mu of cake, or composting 4000-5000 kg of compost, 75-100 kg of plant ash, or 75-100 kg of bio-organic compound fertilizer, and 50 kg of compound fertilizer. Of course, when determining the amount of fertilizer, it is necessary to increase or decrease the amount according to the local soil quality and fertility. The first basal fertilizer should be applied 20 days before sowing or seedling transplanting, and the amount of fertilizer should account for about 70% of the total amount of basal fertilizer. The second fertilization and the first interval of about 10 days, the amount of fertilizer accounted for about 30% of the total fertilization.

Third, we must optimize fertilization techniques. One is to change the application of base fertilizer as an application or acupuncture, that is, to spread a large piece, not as good as applying a point and applying a line; second, to change the application of basal fertilizer as a secondary application and layered application, and the first base fertilizer. Use a plant with a depth of 25 cm, a second base fertilizer with a hole, a depth of about 10 cm, a cover soil thickness of not less than 3 cm, and a good mark for fertilization; third, the ratio of base fertilizer and top dressing is generally 7:3 or 6:4, top dressing is generally divided into seedling fertilizer, cranberry manure, and swelled melon fertilizer, combined with the control of spraying insects outside the roots of pests and diseases; the fourth is to look at the land to adapt to fertilization, after the application of inadequate sensation To water, where the groundwater level is too high, do a deep ditch to lift the field. In short, it is to use water to pollute, activate the fertilizer with water, and increase the efficiency of fertilizer application.

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