Medical Marketing: Making Service and Marketing Dual Drive


How can the regional chain pharmacies in small towns seek development? Xi'an Xincheng Pharmaceutical Chain Supermarket (hereafter referred to as "Heart-Cheng Pharmaceutical") located at the foot of Shaoshan in Shaanxi province can provide a sample for the industry.

The Xi'an Xincheng Medical Supermarket, which is headquartered in the Lincang district of Xi’an, was established in 2008. For this establishment time, many pharmacies may have a "late" feeling.

“Nearly half of Linyi’s pharmacies are husband and wife stores. Before the establishment of our chain, only two foreign chains opened stores here, and there are no local drug stores.” Zhang Yufeng, a business manager of Xincheng Pharmaceutical Supermarket, told reporters that “in view of the outside regulations, a chain of pharmacies It has become a trend in the industry. Together with my friends, I have introduced chain operations into the pharmaceutical retail market in Linyi. In October 2008, we opened our first store.”

According to Zhang Yufeng's "marriage shop," he explained that "there is no store clerk, and the family is taking care of the store." When reporters were running stores on Cultural East Road and West Street, they also saw that the local single store area was mostly about 40 square meters, and basically it was counter-type sales. At 10 o'clock in the morning, the reporter walked into a single pharmacy and found that the store was empty and only 5 minutes later came out with a person wearing civilian clothes.

In Linyi, only the foreign chain of the same pharmaceutical chain, Xi'an Yikang Medicine Supermarket, and the local chain Xincheng Pharmaceutical and a few individual pharmacies are open for sale, and the store area is more than 200 square meters. “The chain stores are standardized, safe, and have many product specifications to better meet the needs of patients. Therefore, although our operating costs will be higher, sales are relatively good and there is still a certain profit margin.” Zhang Yufeng Say.

Integrated marketing to enhance the store's strength The reporter learned from the website of the Linyi District Government that the total population of the district is more than 700,000 and the urban population is over 110,000. Although there are two Grade 5A scenic spots in the area, Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses, and Huaqing Pool, the level of economic development is relatively high, but “this has little impact on pharmacy operations. Visitors basically do not enter pharmacies, and the local customer’s unit price is not necessarily higher than elsewhere. "Zhang Yufeng told reporters.

Since the advantage of the tourist area is not obvious, how does Xin Cheng Medicine Supermarket operate?

“We opened the store late, and we did not have many advantages geographically; at the same time, the scale was not large, and there was not much advantage in the variety. The only service we can do is to uphold the business philosophy of “being mindful of health and honest service”.” Zhang Yufeng said It seemed calm when I was talking.

In addition to services, Xincheng Pharmaceutical also does a very good job in other marketing. It is understood that although Xincheng Pharmaceutical currently only has 4 stores, it is one of the few pharmacies in Linyi to advertise in the media. It also insists on long-term sales, advertises off-season image ads, and advertises products during peak seasons. The influence of the store. In the aspect of horizontal communication and external communication, Xincheng Pharmaceutical has also maintained a keen sense of smell. It has become a member of the Tegel China Pharmacy Procurement Alliance and the Shaanxi Pharmacy Union. Each month Tegel's OEM brand can contribute to it. One-tenth of sales.

The reporter saw at Taoyuan Road Xincheng Medicine Supermarket that the store was decorated with a large store, the store had a reasonable display standard, and the clerk service was indeed warm and thoughtful. This may be one of the reasons why Xincheng Pharmaceutical can grow and develop.

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