Ministry of Transport: Government-led integration of urban and rural passenger transport


On September 16, the Ministry of Transport held an on-the-spot conference to promote the integration of urban and rural passenger transport in Xiangyang, Jiangsu Province. It called for the integration of urban and rural passenger transport, and it must adhere to the government's leadership, improve the institutional mechanisms, and scientifically solve the urban-rural passenger traffic network integration, ticketing system fare, etc. The problem is not to engage in a one-size-fits-all effort. It does not unilaterally pursue the digital and sensational effects and promote the healthy and sustainable development of urban and rural passenger transport integration.

Feng Zhenglin, Vice Minister of Transportation, proposed that at present and in the period to come, the integrated development of urban and rural passenger transport should focus on six tasks: further clarify the attributes of urban and rural passenger transport, further improve the system of laws and standards, and further strengthen urban and rural passenger transportation safety management, and further strengthen Urban and rural passenger service facilities construction and network convergence, and further promote urban and rural passenger transport management system innovation and further improve the urban and rural passenger integration pilot project.

In recent years, the Ministry of Transport has actively promoted the integration of urban and rural passenger transport in terms of speeding up the legislative process, improving the standards system, and increasing policy support. By the end of 2010, the total length of rural roads nationwide has reached 3.45 million kilometers, rural passenger stations have reached 190,000, rural passenger transportation lines have used 88,000 lines, vehicles have used 357,000 vehicles, and daily averages of 1.1 million classes have been dispatched. National townships and rural villages have established passenger shuttle buses throughout the country. The rates reached 98% and 90% respectively.

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